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Our Values


We value and respect each patient, their family, ourselves and each other. Every individual associated with Johnson Health Center will be treated with dignity and respect. We value and respect individual differences, show empathy to our patients, their families and each other, and work collectively to build Johnson Health Center as a medical home and an employer of choice.


We are committed to doing the right thing every time. Our actions reflect our commitment to honesty, openness, truthfulness, accuracy and ethical behavior. We are accountable for the decisions we make and the outcome of those decisions.


We will pursue excellence each and every day in activities that foster, teamwork, quality improvement, patient care, innovation and efficiency. At Johnson Health Center, all of our medical, dental, pharmacy, behavioral health, front desk and administrative teams are passionately committed to the highest quality of care for our patients. We continually seek ways to enhance the patient experience and promote an environment of continuous quality improvement.


We value creativity, flexibility and continuous improvement efforts. We are advocates and instruments of positive change, encouraging employees to engage in responsible risk-taking and working to make a difference. Creative thinking enables us to build on successes and learn from failures.


We understand that teamwork is the essence of our ability to succeed. We work across functional boundaries and embrace diversity. Our collaborative approach ensures a culture of participation, learning and respect and serves to improve the quality of patient care. By focusing on a team based approach, the expertise of each Johnson Health Center employee is leveraged to optimize the patient experience.


Our Clients Say:

“JHC has changed my life. I suffered with excruciating pain for ten years.
The doctor fixed my problem and gave me my life back.”

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