About Us

Founded in 1998, JHC is a non-profit, independent, federally qualified health center serving the City of Lynchburg and the counties of Amherst, Bedford and Campbell. The health center is governed by a board of directors composed of at least 51% of its patient population. Community health centers were created more than 50 years ago in order to increase access to healthcare in medically underserved areas. All insurances are accepted and reduced fees are offered to those who qualify financially.

Mission: To provide affordable and comprehensive healthcare with quality services and strong community partnerships to improve access to healthcare for all.

Vision: To be a place where staff feel highly valued, patients are deeply cared for, and leaders model the way by living out the core values.


Our History

1998 - Centra Health Opened JHC

Centra Health opened JHC to provide comprehensive health care to anyone in the Central Virginia region, regardless of ability to pay.

2003 - JHC became a Federally Qualified Health Center

Johnson Health Center officially became a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in 2003, becoming its own entity apart from Centra Health.

2005 - James River Dental Clinic was Opened

James River Dental Clinic was opened in Madison Heights. Through JRDC both insured and uninsured patients have access to routine dental care, extractions, cleanings and x-rays. JRDC also provides valuable examinations and cleaning in local public school systems.

2009 - JHC Expands Pediatric Specialty Care

JHC expanded to meet the growing demand for pediatric specialty care. While pediatric patients were traditionally seen in the same primary care setting as adult JHC patients, JHC recognized the need to provide expanded pediatric services in Lynchburg.

2011 - JHC Opened a Pharmacy

JHC opened a pharmacy in the adult primary care office on Federal Street. The JHC pharmacy operates as a 340(B) pharmacy, meaning it offers prescription discounts to JHC patients who qualify. In addition, the JHC pharmacy accepts all forms of insurance and offers a $4 list similar to commercial pharmacies.

2012 - Amherst County Community Health Center Opened

Amherst County Community Health Center opened. With growing demand for services and challenges posed by limited transportation, JHC opened a practice in Amherst in an effort to provide improved access to services and a convenient location for Amherst County residents.

2014 - Bedford Community Health Center and Bedford Community Dental Center Opened

Bedford Community Health Center and Bedford Community Dental Center opened. Our Bedford centers offer primary care to both pediatric and adult patients, behavioral health services, OB/GYN services and dental services.

2014 - Lynchburg Office Received PCMH Designation

Our Lynchburg offices received Level 2 Patient Centered Medical Home designation.

2016 - Amelon Square Immediate Care Opened

Johnson Health Center opened Amelon Square Immediate Care to increase adult and pediatric patient access to same day medical appointments.

2017 - Transportation Services


JHC was gifted a 15 passenger van in order to provide transportation to and from medical appointments for patients living in Amherst and Lynchburg. Transportation to specialty appointments in Charlottesville is also provided for JHC patients.

2017 - Lynchburg Women's & Pediatric Health Services


Johnson Health Center moved its pediatric and ob/gyn office to a new location on Atherholt Road allowing for increased patient visits and the addition of a new service area, pediatric dentistry.

2018 - Johnson Health Center Integrated Services Opened


Johnson Health Center and Horizon Behavioral Health partnered to offer primary care on-site at Horizon in order to increase access to care and compliance for Horizon patients.

2018 - Rustburg Community Health Center Opened


Johnson Health Center opened an office in Campbell County in order to create easier access to primary care.

2019- Pharmacy Opens at Bedford Community Health Center


Johnson Health Center opens a pharmacy at Bedford Community Health Center making access to medicine more convenient.

2019- Expanded Transportation to Cover More Areas


Johnson Health Center received a grant to purchase an additional van to transport patients to and from medical appointments. All JHC locations in Amherst, Bedford, Lynchburg & Rustburg will now provide free transportation to patients in need.

2021 - JHC adds Mobile Units for Dental and Medical Exams

Johnson Health Center received grant funding to expand dental services and medical exams through two mobile units. These units will be taken to underserved areas that do not currently have a JHC clinic.

2024- JHC consolidates Amherst offices and expands services

Johnson Health Center constructed a brand new 22,000 square foot health center in Amherst County, Virginia. Three offices consolidated: Amherst Community Health Center, Amelon Square Immediate Care and James River Dental Clinic. Additional services such as drive-thru pharmacy, gym with teaching kitchen and x-ray added to increase access to health care for all!

Our Core Values


We value and respect each patient, their family, ourselves and each other. Every individual associated with Johnson Health Center will be treated with dignity and respect. We value and respect individual differences, show empathy to our patients, their families and each other, and work collectively to build Johnson Health Center as a medical home and employer of choice.


We are committed to doing the right thing every time. Our actions reflect our commitment to honesty, openness, truthfulness, accuracy and ethical behavior. We are accountable for the decisions we make and the outcome of those decisions.


We value creativity, flexibility and continuous improvement efforts. We are advocates and instruments of positive change, encouraging employees to engage in responsible risk-taking and working to make a difference. Creative thinking enables us to build on successes and learn from failures.


We understand that teamwork is the essence of our ability to succeed. We work across functional boundaries and embrace diversity. Our collaborative approach ensures a culture of participation, learning and respect and serves to improve the quality of patient care. By focusing on a team-based approach, the expertise of each Johnson Health Center employee is leveraged to optimize the patient experience.


We will pursue excellence each and every day in activities that foster teamwork, quality improvement, patient care, innovation and efficiency. At Johnson Health Center, all of our staff are passionately committed to the highest quality of care for our patients. We continually seek ways to enhance the patient experience and promote an environment of continuous quality improvement.


Patient-Centered Medical Home

At Johnson Health Center we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate healthcare that revolves around our community. As part of our commitment to delivering high-quality care, we are proud to be recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH).

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