Johnson Health Center’s mission is to improve access to healthcare for all. One of the many barriers to individuals receiving healthcare is the inability to pay for services. At JHC, we offer a reduced fee program for patients who do not have insurance or whose insurance has high deductibles or does not cover certain services.

If you are experiencing difficulty affording healthcare, you can stop by any of our locations to pick up an application for our reduced fee program or download the application below. With our streamlined application process, you will have the opportunity to apply for reduced fee services at multiple locations (such as medical and dental) with the convenience of using just one form.

Once you have completed the forms and provided the required documentation, you will be assigned a fee schedule within 2 business days. With our reduced fee program, you will have the opportunity to receive health care at an affordable rate without sacrificing quality of care!

Reduced Fee Form    Reduced Fee Form – espanol